To make the event even more special, the client may wish to rent the following equipment:

Equipment Rental Costs:

Sound Equipment

P 2,000.00

LCD Projector

P 2,000.00


P 2,000.00


Banana Boat (minimum of 5 pax; maximum of 8 pax)

P 1,500.00/15 mins
Additional P300 per pax

Boat Trip (maximum capacity of 10 persons)

P 1,000.00/hour

Fly Board

P 2,500.00/10 mins
P 4,500.00/20 mins

Flying Fish (maximum of 6 pax)

P 2,000.00/15 mins

Jetski (maximum of 2 pax)

P 4,500.00/hour
P 2,500.00/half hour
P 1,500.00/15 mins

Kayak (Tandem)

P 550.00/hour

Twin Banana Boat (maximum of 20 pax)

P3,000.00/15 mins


P 300.00/1 hour session

***A 50% surcharge based on hourly rates will be imposed on late cancellations for the above mentioned activities except for kayak rentals.