Day Tour Package

Inclusive of Lunch

P 1100.00/day

Kids (3-10 years old)
Inclusive of Lunch

P 700.00/day

Should you arrive after 2:00 pm (exclusive of lunch)
Kids (3-10 years old)

P 500.00/day
P 275.00/day

Other Facilities may be rented:

Bed Parasol (with mattress and curtains)

Maximum Capacity of 3
P 1,650.00/day

Dining Parasol

Maximum of 10 pax
P 1,000.00/day

Check-in time - 8:00 am
Check-out time - 5:00 pm

Day tour guests may stay on through the evening should they want to avail of dinner.

Standard Inclusions - Use of resort facilities such as the pavilion, the beach, bare bed parasols, and common showers & toilets. The use of bare bed parasols are subject to availability.


The Corporate Outing area is open to picnickers when there are no scheduled company outings. Guests may bring in food and drinks and enjoy grilling and having lunch by the beach. Rates for each guest includes entrance and corkage fee for food and drinks and use of resort facilities such as the beach, common toilets and baths at the picnicker's area.

Entrance : Adult or Child

Includes Corkage

P 350.00/day

Dining Parasol

Maximum Capacity of 12

P 1,500.00/day

Bed Parasol (with mattress and curtains)

Capacity of 3 pax - Maximum of 5
Extra Person - P150.00

P 1,650.00/day

Electricity Fee
(for appliances)

P 100.00/non-cooking
P 200.00/cooking

Parking Fee

P 60.00/car
P 125.00/van
P 370.00/bus

*** For ecological purposes, we require that picnickers bring only food that are ready for grilling and use disposable plates, utensils & food containers. We do not allow cleaning of raw food nor washing of dishes, pans, etc. at the resort.

***Picnickers who would like to transfer to the overnight section may inquire with resort personnel. The rates will be adjusted accordingly.