We kindly request that our guests abide by the resort's house rules so that everyone may have an enjoyable stay at Virgin Beach Resort.

  1. Guests who have checked out of their rooms are welcome to stay within the resort premises for the rest of the day.
  2. The cleanliness of our area sets us apart from others. Make use of the trash receptacles provided specifically for food, and non-food items. Please use ashtrays and trash receptacles provided.
  3. Food and beverages brought into the resorts premises will be subject to corkage and/or cooking charges. Only soda and beer in cans are allowed in the resort premises.
  4. Only light snacks may be eaten in the bed parasols or cottages.
  5. Please avoid occupying dining tables and bed parasols which have been designated to other guests.
  6. Please avoid rowdy or rough behavior and play ball or frisbees only in designated areas.
  7. Only portable CD players and radios are allowed in the premises. While in use, please keep the volume down to tolerable levels.
  8. Please wear the proper swimming attire. No basketball shorts, denims, or the like for swimming.
  9. Please do not bring beddings, linens and towels outside of your cottages or parasols.
  10. The facility(ies) you rented is/are equipped with basic fixtures and beddings (when applicable). Should any of these be damaged, found to be missing, soiled, or vandalized, said items will be charged to your account.
  11. Meals for Day Tours and Overnight guests will be charged to their account whether availed of or not. Charges for meals will be reflected in the guest's Statement of Charges.
  12. Please do not bring pets.
  13. If you are bringing water crafts such as jetskis and speed boats, please coordinate with our Reception or Security. They will direct you to a designated beachside entry/exit area. From there, enter the water and ride straight (perpendicularly) out until you are approximately 300m away from shore. Please enjoy using your craft from this prescribed distance. It is unsafe to do your maneuvers any closer than 300m to shore. Return in the same prescribed route and manner. Enter and exit at a safe speed of 20-30kph or less.
  14. Smoking is not allowed inside the casitas and cabanas. Ashtrays are provided in the respective porches.
  15. We reserve the right to implement additional rules and regulations for the safety of everybody.
  16. It is our right to ask those who repeatedly disregard our house rules or have become a nuisance to other guests, to leave the resort premises. The deposits/payments made by those guests who have been asked to leave are subject to forfeiture and are non-refundable.
  17. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  18. We are not responsible for any losses to property, injuries to person (slightly serious, serious or fatal) which may occur inside the premises of the resort. Patrons are enjoined to exercise extreme care and diligence to avoid losses, damages and injuries.